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Regardless of how close and convenient facilities are to a residential complex, most residents would rather not have to go on the busy streets unless it was absolutely necessary and so today, many condominiums and other residential projects, include numerous amenities within their project, affording residents the luxury of not having to face the traffic for most of their recreational needs and the Ilustrata Residences are among those that offer a wide variety of amenities.

Some of the amenities that the Ilustrata Residences offer are:

Lobby/Reception Area – Lobbies or reception areas are ideal places to not just meet any guests a resident may have but also to meet other residents.

Gymnasium – In this modern age of technology an increasing number of jobs require a minimum amount of physical activity rendering many workers little opportunity to keep in shape physically. The fact that a gym is available within the Ilustrata Residences premises means that residents can still keep in shape without jogging on the busy streets.

Swimming Pool – A swimming pool is still one of the most popular recreational pursuits and is particularly convenient for children on weekends and during school holidays.

Outdoor Pool Deck – An outdoor pool deck makes a great place to just sit and relax and allow the stresses of a hectic city life leave your body.

Male & Female Locker Rooms – The convenience of locker rooms means that you can move from one relaxing recreational activity to another, without the need to keep returning to your own residential unit, offering convenience and a variety of pursuits without pause.

Function Rooms – The availability of function rooms at the Ilustrata Residences means that residents can conveniently host family gatherings or work meetings without worrying about their own transportation needs.

Playground – Children quickly and easily get bored in any home regardless of how luxurious it may be and so the provision of a playground at Ilustrata Residences is excellent for letting the children play outside safely without them having to brave the traffic.

Zen Garden – There are few things more relaxing than meditating in the surrounds of a Zen Garden. A Zen Garden is the Japanese term for dry, rock garden and is said to be ideal for meditation and relaxation. With the inclusion of a Zen Garden in Ilustrata Residences, residents can spend time on a weekend unwinding and rejuvenating in the quiet surrounds, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

Despite there being 4 police stations close by, Profriends knew the importance residents place on the security and safety of their families and possessions and so they provide Ilustrata Residences with round the clock security, 24/7.

Ilustrata Residences are designed with minimalist clean lines and architecture that allow for good ventilation to all corridors and common areas, allowing residents as cool and comfortable setting as possible and in homage to its old-rich classic location, is painted in warm, earthy colours.

  • A project of Pro-Friends, one of the fastest growing real estate developers in the country.
  • Prestigious New Manila and Greenhills residential heritage.
  • Strategic location with nearby CBDs and places of interest.
  • Easy to own financing packages that fit every budget.
  • Unit cuts with carefully planned configuration to maximize living spaces.
  • Amenities that support the modern urban community lifestyle.
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